Don’t risk it

  • Don't risk it
  • Don't risk it

Increasing numbers of counterfeit and untested products are being purchased from overseas and installed in Australia. This awareness campaign was launched to inform electrical contractors about the risk of using these products in terms of legal responsibility. The concept has been used for ads, brochures, POS, exhibition and web.

The bold theme translated really well to trade publications, brochures, flyers and display stands. The campaign was well received is still going strong.

Installing counterfeit and low quality products put you, your customer and your business at risk.

Electrical contractors.

Campaign comprising, trade magazine advertisements, posters and press.

Art direction
Primarily the negative space draws the eye on a journey from headline to metaphoric image. It was really important to get the proximity of the “BIG RISK” with the paper clip. The design has plenty of breathing room to stand out in visually cluttered environments. The position of the logo is critical to distance it from the weakness portrayed. Up close, you can see the addition of an AS number on the chain links to underline the message.

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